Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Good Start to the New Year

A good start to the New Year, with two agility trials already been and gone and positive results, I feel. The first trial of the year is always a tough one, having been on “holidays” for a month or so over the hot Christmas/New Year period, facing the trial atmosphere after a break is quite overwhelming for Ticket.

Nevertheless, Ticket coped really well, she tried her hardest for me on course and we managed a Q and 4th Place in Open Agility! So a nice start to the year … Last weeks trial reiterated exactly what Johanna told me … “need to work on your weave pole entries and exits” ... yes Johanna, I promise we’ll practice them every day now! 3 out of 4 runs the weave poles let us down, regardless we did manage some really nice work together over the rest of the courses and Ticket stayed focused and not too phased by it all … back into the swing of things now.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this year … Ticket is finally looking promising, rather than being the most frustrating agility dog I have ever trained, she’s beginning to work *with* me as my partner. Chilli will start to play in the agility ring, she’s not too fussed about it all so I'm guessing it’ll be a pretty casual challenge with her. Summer is really keen to get started, only 13 months old now, and I think she will be a fun dog to trial.

No trials now until the Western Classic, so any updates in the next few weeks will be training related. We'll be working on weave poles, weaving and more weaving!!!

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