Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pacco de Mongrel

Introducing Paco de Mongrel ...

"Here comes Pacco de Mongrel, the incorrigible black mutt borned on 3 March 2005 and adopted on 25 April 2005. I'm no pure breed, but I'm PURE black. I might looks pathetic, cause being black, I'm neither photogenic nor cute at all. However, I'm cool and mysterious. I'm possess a pair of long sexy legs, it enable me to leap further and jump higher. With my current achievement, Highest & Longest Jumper. Watch out for the 'UNCIVILIZED MONGREL' who loves to perform 'SWEET ESCAPE'."

Over the last few months I've really been enjoying reading this Blog and finally added a link to it from my Blog Page too.

Written from the dog's point of view, an adopted dog in Malaysia, who does agility, flyball, obedience and many other doggie related things ... interesting and entertaining, including their trips to the local islands for trials, etc., and some non-doggy related stuff.

I think Pacco is very modest in her intro ... from what I see she is very photogenic and pretty! Some great photo's too!

Check it out ...

1 comment:

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i couldn't describe how honoured i feel to be featured in your blog.

i love reading your blog too, always seeking out useful tips for my dog.