Monday, June 9, 2008

Solitary Man ... Sketch

Over the past few months Sketch has been working with a new handler, Alison Smylie. As they have been getting to know each other better and bonding Alison has learnt heaps and progressed in leaps and bounds … and Sketch has gradually worked out Alison’s weaknesses (as our dogs often do) and now beginning to take advantage of the nice person that Alison is by trying to make up his own rules.

They have practiced at a few trials in the NFC (not for competition) classes and have had a number of very nice, successful runs in jumping.

To put a spanner in the works, early on Sketch also became quite ill. After many tests, results were pointing towards a liver problem and the next step was a liver biopsy. Our vet suggested trying a low-residue diet first which, even tho it’s expensive it is still cheaper than following the path of surgery for now. His health has improved and he appears to be on the road to recovery. He is becoming more opinionated and rather than doing as he’s told he is doing as he pleases so he’s obviously feeling much better!

Time for change … Alison has done a brilliant job learning how to focus and handle this young challenge … now focus will be on his discipline and team-work.

Stay tuned for updates on this team.

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