Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Summer Q's and Tickets debut in Masters!

This weekend’s trials, although not quite as successful as last weekend, included a number of personal achievements …

Young Summer ran in two classes, firstly Open Jumping – the level of difficulty way above her ability but we made our own course and she successfully negotiated some of the difficult on-course challenges – it was a positive experience for her. She also ran in Novice Jumping and qualified in 2nd Place for her 2nd Q towards her JD title.

No quallies for Ticket and a number of bars down this weekend … however this was her very first run in Masters Jumping and “wow” I was proud of her (and me). We certainly didn’t make a fool of ourselves and she managed to make it round the course, negotiating most of the difficult sequences successfully, I certainly felt that there is a possibility that we may just have some fun in the masters class!

Our training focus this week has been contacts. Although Ticket’s see-saw still needs proofing her a-frame and dog walk contacts were almost perfect! She held each one until I released her, keeping her there much longer than needed I even had time to slip in a “good girl” while she waited at the contact zone as I sprinted past. That’s an achievement that I was almost ready to give up on a few months ago!

I think it’s been a pretty successful year!

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Nicki said...

Great dogs-they are all adorable. I wondered why I didn't recognize many of their titles until I saw you were in Australia-every organization is a little different, hard to keep up! We have so many choices here in the US-I have to limit myself to just two.