Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Agility Trial for 2008

Saturday night was the last Agility & Jumping Trial for this year. It was a hot day and Novice Jumping started right on time, in the heat of the afternoon at 6pm (with daylight saving that means it’s really 5pm temperature-wise). I hate the heat at the best of times and running is certainly not my best physical skill, however Summer was 5th dog in the Novice Jumping class so I psyched myself into energy mode to run the fastest I could (yes Gina, I can still hear your voice!). Summer ran a lovely clear round and Qualified in 2nd Place to gain her JD Title.

Ticket also did some nice runs but no “Q’s” … her contacts were awesome, and for the first time ever at a trial, she did the see-saw perfectly first up in each agility run! That’s a huge achievement for her .. something we’ve been working on in the last month. Our faults were all handler oriented and I take full responsibility. Ticket did everything I asked her to do.

Good thing about starting so early was we finished at a fairly descent hour and plenty of people hung around to share some Christmas cheer. It was nice to see so much laughing and fun between friends, and a great way to wind up the year.

Until next year ...

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