Friday, January 9, 2009

Daylight Savings ...

I've just got to say ... working with animals and daylight savings does NOT work!!! We only have 12 kennels here and I certainly don't envy those people who have 30-40 plus dogs to care for at this time of year.

Up at the crack of dawn to get everything dog-related done before the temperature rises, then sweat it out for the rest of the day with the daily tasks until about 7.30pm when it's cooled down enough for the dogs to get out and about again. Everyone back to bed around 9pm and you sit down for some dinner before falling into bed around 11pm ... toss and turn thru the night while the house tries to lose the heat it's absorbed during the day. Up again at 5am to start it all again!

This time of year ... an icy cold beer never tasted so good!

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