Monday, May 25, 2009

Vegas to Xanadu …

Xan·a·du (zn-d, -dy) n.
An idyllic, beautiful place.
[After Xanadu, a place in "Kubla Khan," a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.]
I am very grateful to have the blessing of my good friend and breeder, Amanda (Vanrusselhof Malinois), to be trusted with a puppy from her “X Litter” …. hence, Xanadu instead of Vegas (still waiting for the inspiration of what her call name might be!)
2 boys and 6 girls were born last Tuesday 19th May … Mum “Ellis” arrived in Australia from Germany on 14th April, about 5 weeks in whelp with these 8 little maligators. More details about the Sire & Dam can been seen at Amanda’s website.

Exciting times ahead!


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