Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Flies!

Wow, how time flies! It's been almost 4 weeks since I last posted (sorry!) ... since starting my new job and inbetween that and sharing my time with Party and my other kids, time is becoming very precious. Long days at work, early starts and new challenges ... all very interesting, also very taxing at times. Priority One is Party and she's been a darling little puppy, fitting into our lives easily ... as every other belgian we've had has done so.

From day one she has slept right thru every night, she has fitted into our routine and takes everything in her stride ... although, at a million miles per hour, I might add! No, I'm not complaining ... she's just awesome! ... and the happiest little puppy anyone could ever wish to own.

Also in the last 4 weeks Ticket had her first real trial back after injury earlier this year, and so far, hasn't look back ... lookin' good for the Nationals!!! She qualified at the GSDA of WA trial on 25th July in Excellent Agility, also winning 1st Place! Wow ... not what I expected but it's a great start to her re-start.

All pic's on this post are Party at nearly 13 weeks old.

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