Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perth Royal Show 2009

Thank God it's over! We say it every year,
yet year after year we go back for more!
It's exciting, it's fun, it's stressful and it's very exhausting;
but we survived another year and here's what we did ...

Saturday 26th & Monday 28th September - Agility & Jumping

This is the first time Ticket has been to the Royal Show ... in previous years I haven't been game to let her loose in such a crowded environment and, given that her biggest fear is the approach of strangers, she coped incredibly well. She had to cope with walking through crowds to get to/from exercise areas and also competing in a ring completely surrounded by strangers, up to 4-5 deep on some sides. She was focussed, held her start lines allowing me to lead out some 4-5 jumps and she tried very hard to do everything I ask of her on course.

As a dog trainer, I feel that I have actually achieved much of what I set out to do when I first took this troubled little girl on at 2 years old. As a team, I feel that we both achieved a lot this weekend, our trust in each other grew and my team mate still gave me her very best in one of the most stressful situations she has ever had to deal with. Well done little Tick - I am proud of you!

Carrie also flew the flag for the Dalmatians, and without making a comic of me, she made a good impresssion in both Masters Classes! and still the only Dalmatian competing in agility in WA.

Sunday 27th September - Group 1 (Toy Dogs) Showing

Sunday was Group 1 Day (Toy breeds, including Papillons). Mum and Rene showed the Pap's and little Tiger won his class for the breed.

Certainly glad I didn't have to go on Group 1 day ... needed a day off inbetween Sat and Mon.

Thursday 1st October - Group 5 (Working Dogs) Showing

The biggest challenge was getting there with two entire males and one very "nearly" in season bitch in the one car! They were all very good and we all got there and home in one piece. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo's of Hunter (Mum's border collie) however, plenty of pic's of the Chilli & Krash (Malinois) ... and a big thank you to Andrea Carde who was there to from dusk to dawn helping us, including showing Chilli for Best of Breed and snapping away with the video and camera too ... thank you Andrea! Will upload video's to you tube soon!

Pic's of Krash (Ch Vanrusselhof Krash) and Chilli (Ch Vanrusselhof On Fire AD JDX GD) ... Krash won Challenge Dog and Best of Breed for the Malinois, Chilli was Challenge Bitch and Runner-up Best of Breed.

Both were great ambassadors for the Belgian Malinois breed,
greeting the public with lots of licks and cuddles, adults and kids alike ...
... and the end of a very long day ...

till next year!

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