Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surprise! Blog Update!!!

It's been so long between updates I can't remember what I've done!
Hmm, where do I start?

Since my last post and before the rain came, Carrie and I took a trip to Ledge Point for a weekend ... it was great just to get away, have the dogs running free on the beach and enjoy doing absolutely nothing! Carrie had the time of her life ...

The Agility Nationals have been and gone ... Carrie (video below) flew the Dalmatian flag, qualifying in two Masters Jumping trials, also gaining her JDM2! I had the pleasure of also running Cassie, a friends BC from Adelaide ... who also qualified twice for me in Masters Jumping ... thanks LeeAnne and Gary, it was a blast!

Back in Queensland at Vanrusselhof Kennels, Party "Vanrusselhof Xanadu IID" (below) is proving herself in the showring, clocking up points towards her Champion Title with a recent Best Junior in Group award! What a star! Good Girl!

... and also thoroughly enjoying hew new lifestyle ... in her element with her very own dam and new-found Malinois friend "Minimee" (below)

Chilli and Carrie have been to a couple of ADAA trials over the past coule of months. We have really enjoyed them ... particularly the nice open courses allowing the dogs to really stretch out and run, and the relaxed atmosphere in the trial ring.

In those two trials Carrie also gained her AAD title (Australian Agility Dog).

In the meantime I've survived my 40th Birthday ... OMG!
Work is as busy as ever ... my role has changed a little, I have moved into a slightly different position, less hands on dog handling however many more challenges!

My current personal challenge:
I have entered the HBF 14km Fun Run tomorrow!!!
Will tell you later if it was FUN or not!

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