Friday, November 30, 2007

The Mysteries of Sketch ... update

Since the Jenny Lunn Seminars Sketch has been a little “flat” … I haven’t pushed him for a lot of training, mainly “couch potato time” with lots of cuddles and playing with the toys in the toy box. Sketch loves to get into the toy box … and the toy at the bottom is always the one he wants, stretching his neck to the limit trying to reach to the very bottom! When that toy is out of the toy box there’s always another one at the very bottom to be caught … until all the toys are sprawled all over the lounge room couch and floor and the toy box is empty.

Sketch did come along to training last week, before the Agility Trial on Saturday 24 November. He was happy to run a couple of sequences and happy to return to the car to relax in his bed. At the trial on Saturday night he was quite happy, very relaxed and actually, not really perturbed about running a course. He did well in Novice Agility, lovely contacts, beautiful land in a drop on the table, perfect weaves but very laid back and casual about the whole thing. We missed one bar jump so did not Qualify, however still managed to place third in that class!

His Excellent Jumping run started off with a burst of enthusiasm off the start line which gradually diminished to a slow and steady run. Again, he did everything perfectly, apart from a run past the collapsible tunnel. No “Q” but a nice steady run and happy note for him to finish on for the night.

Still seeming a little flat Sketch has ‘rested’ most of this week, with no formal training and just lazing around the house with the rest of the pack. He is entered in the trial tomorrow night so hopefully he’ll be well rested and raring to go!

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