Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Secret "Summer"

Summer came to me by default ... she is from the last litter we bred and I had no intention of keeping any of these puppies for myself to train - goodness knows, I have enough dogs to fill my (limited) training time with. However, as things have turned out Summer is here to stay and her demanding nature means she WILL occupy a substantial amount of my training time!

Westurn Secret Summer … is a very active and alert little girl, a pleasure to work with and very determined. I can see Summer will challenge my patience, pushing the boundaries and taking advantage of my weaknesses. Already claiming a little spot in my heart, our relationship is growing yet we are both still getting to know each other.

She thinks she already knows all she needs to know about agility and just wants to get out there and do it! … every now and then you meet a dog like this and the journey from puppy to your first trial seems to fly … she is only 12 months old and I already feel like I’m running out of time!

We have so much foundation work yet to do and she is in such a hurry to do the “grown up” stuff … someone needs to tell her that you gotta walk before you run!

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