Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Cash!

Today, Wednesday 12th December 2007, is Cash's 8th Birthday … how time flies! I can clearly remember when he was conceived like it was yesterday … my we’ve come a long way since then!

Over the past eight years Cash has taught me so much about everything “dog” from understanding canine behavior and communication, through to dog handling and training skills needed to work as a finely tuned human and canine team. I have enjoyed every step of the way with Cash and if I could, I’d have him all over again without changing a thing. He has helped me educate new dogs and teach new handlers, he has happily worked with other handlers for me and been amazingly patient with me as I have learnt and practiced my own handling skills. Otherwise known as Edenbrae Western Mustang CD ADM JDM ADO JDO GD SD SPDX ET, Cash has been the best teacher I could ever have asked for. My best buddy and the best team-mate you could ever wish to have.

Cash loves to work with you; he is incredibly tuned in to your body movements and a graceful dog to watch. I have always said, on the agility course he doesn’t feel fast, however many a time he has been in the top few dogs and his speed has compared to the dogs I thought would have been much faster than him. I feel that his ability to cover the ground with such ease creates the illusion of him traveling slower.

Committed to the task, Cash is always focused on his job. His dedication to his work is faultless and he always gives me 100% of himself. A few years back we discovered he was affected by Osteomyalitis in his toe-nails, (he always had trouble with his toenails) and he had one toe amputated. He had about 6 months off from trialling altogether whilst dealing with the side effects of some of the drugs they used.

Following that we’ve taken things a little slower and over the last couple of years Cash’s trialling career has been more focused on Agility Games rather than running the standard Masters classes that he’s already titled in. We’ve really enjoyed the Strategic Pairs trials, partnered with a great team, Amanda Houston and border collie Sonny (Ob Ch Brynbank Magic Sunday JDM ADM JDO ADO SPDX SD UDX) … with all but one of our Qualifying runs being a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place!

Cash regularly visits our Bowen Therapist, Tracy Hockley, who has helped me keep him in good condition for his occasional trials, along with regular runs with the Frisbee and backyard fun runs on the agility gear. The rest of his time he now spends comfortably sprawled across the lounge with Dalmatian friend, Carrie, and manning the front window to announce new arrivals and departures!

Happy Birthday Crash-man … you’re a “one in a million” dog!

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