Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Agility Trial 2007 & friends from afar!

Saturday 15 December was the last Agility/Jumping Trial for 2007 … the middle of Summer and the weather delivered us a different kind of night with a damp, cool evening with gusty wind. We also had the company of our good friend (and agility enthusiast), Johanna Allanach, all the way from Denmark. Johanna borrowed Cash for the evening, running him in both Masters & Open, Agility & Jumping classes. Cash thoroughly enjoyed himself … after the first run (call it a practice run) they tuned in to each other beautifully … some lovely smooth runs followed and they managed to place 6th in Open Agility!

Johanna’s company is always a pleasure and it was fun to share notes, catching up on the last 2 years since she last visited. Johanna is a very constructive, positive person – she is fun to be with and her agility experiences in and around Europe are always fascinating to hear about. Johanna has been lucky enough to compete at the World Agility and also qualified three of her dogs for Crufts next year. As well as Agility, she is also very successful in Rally Obedience and Heelwork to Music. All of this reminds me of just how isolated we are here in Australia.

Saturday night also saw Ticket compete in three classes – doing some very nice work, well tuned in to me and very focussed. We qualified in Excellent Jumping on a lovely open course and “flying by the seat of my pants!” … we also won First Place! That was the best way to end the trialling year … looking forward to some training time with Johanna over the next week and now, I can’t wait for next years trials to start again!!!

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