Thursday, January 3, 2008

Agility Training with Johanna

Johanna Allanach – Bluewhyle Shelties & Border Collies (Denmark)

Johanna is so much fun to train with … always interesting with different ideas, her comments and feedback flows continually whilst she works with you. Her suggestions are always “do-able” and she communicates easily and clearly what she wants you to do. I still have her voice echoing in my head with advice she gave me when last visiting, two years ago …it is invaluable.

Whilst Johanna was here this time I was lucky enough to be able to steal her away from her family for a couple of training sessions. She worked with me and Ticket on some interesting sequences, asking (no, actually telling) me to do it this way and that way – my initial response was “Ticket won’t do that! …” but I gave each one a go and low and behold after a short time Ticket and I were working some sequences that I would never have thought possible, and if I’d come across them on a course I would have struggled with how to handle them.

Now I have lots of training to do … firstly to teach Ticket the skills she needs in order to confidently perform the moves that Johanna taught us and secondly to practice/perfect my own handling skills. I have so much flying around in my head and I can’t wait to get back to normality (after Christmas/New Year) and get stuck into it!

“Thank You” Johanna for sharing your knowledge with me once again and brightening my Christmas … you are a pleasure to train with and also great company! I look forward to catching up again, be it here in Oz or on your side of the world! Good Luck at Cruft’s this year!

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