Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking Windows!

Sunday evening Cash, Carrie and Summer were all hanging around in the lounge room (watching TV actually) and while they were lounging around Mum and I headed up the kennels to tuck the boarding dogs in and give them a treat before we locked up and turned the lights off. Halfway down the driveway I heard a huge smash … I bolted back to the house to find the lounge room window smashed from the inside and all the glass on the front pathway. Summer ran to the front door to greet me with bloody feet and not the slightest bit of concern.

Summer had seen us go out the front door and, being her usual sticky-beak, she jumped on the blanket box in front of the window to see where we’d gone. Obviously she slid over the box and couldn’t stop … sliding into the window. There was also a large (life size) stuffed Border Collie toy on the box which also slid into the window and buffered her fall, fortunately saving her from what could have been a very ugly accident.

Summer escaped with a few cuts on both front feet and is now sporting lovely bright pink vetrap bandages and enjoying the extra time inside with Mum while we keep her less active (not an easy feat) … she ought not think that she can do that again just to get the special treatment!

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Johanna said...

Hope Summer is OK !!! Have a great trip to Melbourne... :o)