Monday, April 14, 2008

Ticket & Rocket bring trophies home!

Well, I've got to be happy after this weekend's results. Saturday's Agility & Jumping trial was certainly much dryer than last weeks, almost hot ... although I'm not complaining - I'd rather be doing agility no matter what the weather is.

Ticket, Rocket, Sketch and Chilli all tried very hard and I'm pleased with all their efforts ... even though Sketch had a few "blonde" moments he still managed to finish each run with a smile on his face, as you can see in his pic's below ...
Young Chilli (my Show Ch Malinois) ran in Novice Jumping and apart from me sending her into the wrong end of the tunnel she did a lovely job ... yep, blame the handler, the dog did everything perfectly!
Tim Abidin took some lovely photo's of both Sketch and Chilli (above and below) - thanks Tim. More pic's of Tim's at

Ticket only ran in the jumping classes this day, her first run for the day in Open Jumping was an absolute shambles!!! Her start line stay wasn't comfortable, we had a number of bars down and then made up our own course to finish ... hmmm, maybe waiting around for several hours before her first run was not a good thing, and I should have known when I stepped away from her at the start line that things weren't quite right. However, Ticket's second run in Excellent Jumping was so clean and fast that I didn't even have time to enjoy it! She did a lovely Clear Run to take another "Q" towards her JDX title and win First Place!!! My goodness, this little girl is such a wild card!

For the first time in some 12 months Rocket (papillon) ran in Excellent Agility, I entered him thinking "it's about time he got out there and showed them that this little dog CAN tip the seesaw and do the weave poles" ... he was the very first dog to run for the day and, low and behold he ran clear, and in time for a "Q" and also won First Place!!! This would have to be the most unexpected win I've ever had in all my trialling days ... Rocket managed to conquer a challenge on course that most of the bigger dogs just couldn't handle! Sometimes (and only sometimes) it's an advantage to be small!

Rocket also ran Masters Jumping, after the agility run, and he did a lovely run around the course with a few extra jumps here and there ... not really what we wanted but anyway, he's off the hook after being such a good boy in the agility ring.
Thanks to Alison (Sketch's new friend) who was there to meet me at the finish line with rewards and hugs for Sketch ... a great day's trialling for all of us.
Next trial is this Friday/Saturday - the Western Australia State Trial!
Stay tuned for updates ...

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Pacco de Mongrel said...

congratulations to both ticket n rocket!