Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chilli's first run in "Agility"

Chilli and I have had a couple of shots in the Novice Jumping ring in the past few months; however at Sunday’s trial (Cloverdale Canine Companions Dog Club) Chilli also competed in Novice Agility for the very first time. It was a freezing morning but fined up to be a beautiful day. Chilli ran clear and qualified in both Jumping and Agility, both times in 2nd Place. Both are her first Q’s towards her novice titles and I’m proud of her ability to perform her contacts and weaves nicely with little practice.

Chilli is not a “to die for agility” dog and could easily live without it and if training goes for too long she goes on strike! So our training sessions are fewer than I would usually like and they are short – I only get a small window to get things right so learning skills like the weaves feels like quite a drawn out procedure, hence my surprise when she has her “light bulb” moments and shows me how much she has retained from the previous training session … and to see her casually nose thru the weavers in the trial ring was a bit of a relief, and now I know that she has actually retained some of what we’ve been learning!

Anyway, one proud Mum here with a very laid back young Malinois couch potato!

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