Monday, July 14, 2008

Ticket is Back on Track!

The last few weeks have seemed like months, with having to keep Ticket on minimal exercise and gradually get her back into her training I have realized at just how much I enjoy the challenge of working with this, sometimes frustrating, little dog. Her passion to work and the power in her physical efforts is awe-inspiring – she motivates me.

Last week was Tickets first week of a few “real” training sessions with the ACWA Double Header Agility Trial on Saturday just gone. She had little practice away from home however she put 100% effort in and tried her little heart out. OK, only 1 Qualifier all day, with the odd bar down and a missed weave pole entry in the other runs, however that first run of the day earned her 1st Place in Novice Agility!

These pic’s, above and below, taken by Tim Abidin, were in the Excellent Jumping ring … notice the lovely lake in the middle of the ring!

… yep, that bar came down! …

… but this one stayed up!

It’s great to have Ticket back on course as my team mate – even if her demanding desire to go as fast as 'dog-ly' possible does drive me insane at times. Well done little girl … look’n forward to the Nationals, regardless of the results!

Summer, Westurn Secret Sonrise, (above) made her debut and competed in the novice jumping ring for the first time. Summer made me proud … a little unsure of all the fuss, will all eyes on her from outside the ring, but she did an excellent job. Although no qualifiers for her this day, I am more than pleased as our mistakes were my vague handling and are minor hiccups in the whole scheme of things, thinking this is just the beginning of her future career in agility.

I have to say, I am looking forward to our future together ... she is pleasure to run, very neat, smooth and graceful … I can’t help but compare her to her Uncle Cash (Edenbrae Western Mustang) who now enjoys the comfort of the lounge. Just gotta get her out there so she gets used to the whole trial environment thing, competition nerves and all!

This was her Novice Jumping run …

Our sweet Sketch also had a couple runs in Jumping with this other Mum, Alison Smylie …

No trials now for a couple of weeks ... until next time!

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