Monday, September 22, 2008

Gosnells Agility Trial - 13th September

Just a quick update on last weekend’s agility trials at Gosnells Dog Club … it’s a tad late but hey, better late than never.

We had a good morning. Somehow Ticket managed a Q and 1st Place in Open Jumping. Yes I was pleased, even tho I only said it was "good" ... but I do know that that run was not pretty (not in my books anyway)! I somehow found myself in the wrong spot on course, nowhere near where I intended to be when I walked the course and we blundered thru that section. How she didn’t drop any bars was nobody’s business but we crossed the finish line clear and fast! I get a bit annoyed with myself when I let things like that happen - I don't "like" qualifying (even winning) when I've handled so crappy ... kind of feel a little undeserving ... but regardless, we’ll take the Q!

Summer on the other hand did extremely well, competing in both Novice Agility and Jumping, both clear runs and Qualifying in 2nd Place for Novice Agility and winning 1st Place in Novice Jumping!!!

I am really pleased with this little girl, we still have a lot of skills to perfect as yet but she was happy and confident in the ring – that was my main goal for this trial. Summer is also going the Royal next week and after that we will be back to training before tackling any more trials for a while.

Stay tuned for Royal Show updates next week …

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