Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perth Royal 2008

Another Royal Show been and gone and "wow" what a week! To sum it up we had a pretty good Royal this year.

Collectively (between Mum, Rene and I) we …

Monday 29th September (also Mum’s birthday!)

We competed in Agility & Jumping. Summer, Chilli and Rocket all did really well. This was Summer and Chilli’s very first time at agility for a Royal and I am proud to say that my two young novice girls did extremely well. Courses set with weave poles heading directly towards the crowd, the dog walk alongside the busiest edge of the ring and commentating blasting thru the PA over the ring areas; I think they both came away with a positive experience. Summer ended up with a 3rd place in Novice Agility and little Rocket placed 2nd in Excellent Agility, he has been to a couple of Royals now but this was his first “Q” at one. Summer & Rocket pictured below ...

Tuesday 30th September

Rene handled Chow Chows in the Conformation Ring and came away with a Challenge Bitch and Runner-up Best of Breed with her “little black bitch”!

Wednesday 1st October

Working Dogs were on in the Conformation Ring and young Hunter and Chilli were both entered. Hunter placed 3rd in his class, Intermediate Dog, and enjoyed the hugs and pats from the crowd for the rest of the day. Chilli showed nicely and was awarded Best of Breed Belgian Malinois ... pictured below ...

I also had the pleasure, once again, of showing "Quosh" (imp Germany), the most adorable German Shepherd I have ever known (pictured below). At nearly 10 years of age, probably the last Royal we will spend together - thank you Margaret & Eric. Quosh showed proudly and was the only representative of the German Shepherd Dog in the Veteran Class ... a great ambassador for the breed.

Thursday 2nd October

We assisted with one of the demo’s in the evening after conformation showing had finished. The deal is that the conformation exhibitors get to leave at 5pm providing a dog demonstration of some kind is done every evening. So that’s my bit for the conformation world at the royal!

Friday 3rd October

Papillon’s were in the Conformation Ring. Comet wasn’t impressed with the side show alley rides nearby and consequently didn’t show very well however still picking up a 2nd Place – strange because he quite enjoyed the Royal last year. On the other hand, young Satu won Bitch Challenge and Runner-up Best of Breed, only just gone 12 months old and now only needs some 15 or so points for her Champion Title!

So overall our week was a good one and we were pretty successful with all our ventures, and once again, with our eyeballs hanging out in exhaustion, we’re wondering why we do this to ourselves every year!

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