Monday, October 20, 2008

Awesome Malinois wins Silver at the Worlds!

At the World Agility Championships held in Helsinki, Finland in September this year a Belgian Malinois won Silver Medal (in Individual Large Class). The team was Jan Egil Eide and his dog “Cirkus” from Norway … and wow, what a team. Just watching this clip of one of their individual runs sends shivers down my spine … have a look for yourself:

I was surprised to read that Cirkus is a female and a fairly small one at that (measuring just 55cm). Her power and passion are awe-inspiring and her handler, Jan, is a remarkable handler.

Wow … what an awesome team! Certainly an inspiration to me ...
Had to share this as I was so pleased to see a Mal up there showing the world what awesome dogs they are, and giving the BC's a run for their money!
You can read more about Cirkus and his family at their website:

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