Thursday, October 23, 2008

No "Q's" but plenty to Celebrate!

Not much to report on the results side of things from the GSDA trial last Saturday. However, I’ve got to say I was wrapped with Ticket’s agility runs … one fly-off on the see-saw but every other contact (Dog Walk’s and A-Frame’s) she did beautifully! I was so pleased that the judge had to interrupt my celebration at the end of Novice Agility to tell me we didn’t “Q”. Yeah, I knew that, but she did all her contacts, didn’t freak at the table (she hate’s stationery exercises) and she nailed a really difficult weave pole entry with me racing her thru to front cross at the end for a tricky finishing sequence! I was just thrilled with our little bit of personal success … Ticket’s contacts have been an ongoing issue that I doubted we would see improvement on.

OK, she’s not going to be the world champion or anything but geeze I’ve learnt a lot, and still learning. Some friends video'd most of our runs on Saturday and just watching us together on course, I am was pleasantly surprised. It's great to actually 'see' what you've done rather than assess your handling just from your memory of running the course. Thanks for the video guys!

No trials for a couple of weeks now so time to catch up on work around home …

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