Saturday, January 31, 2009

Krash Malinois - A New Life

Krash has settled in nicely, he’s gradually getting used to his new life, new routine and new family. Loving every minute of time with us, he is walking with me with German Shepherd friends down the road each morning. He is slowly learning the do’s and dont's; sit before going thru doorways, leave the girls alone, be nice to the boys, look at me and I'll reward you, etc.), he's not so obsessed with the cats (now that he has his own squeaky toys!) and is responding better to his name and coming back when called (that's going to be a challenge with distractions!), and he's interacting with me more and more, looking for my responses.

I am getting to know him better; learning what pushes his buttons, his likes and dislikes and learning to read his body language. It's quite a challenge getting to know an older dog ... at the back of your mind, you're always wondering if you're actually teaching them something or if they've already been thru all this and they're teaching you!

The other night we were enjoying a romp in the backyard … I sent him after a ball to one side of the yard and walked off in the other direction … I turned around to check, and saw him heading directly for me, with the ball, launching himself at me from about 10 meters way! I immediately crouched down as he flew straight over me with a huge grin on his face and ball in mouth! Phew, someone’s gotta tell that boy that I can’t catch a 25kg flying Malinois!!! So bringing the ball back has some rules now too … 4 feet on the ground to start with!

Krash went to two shows on the weekend, both days he was awarded Challenge Dog and Best of Breed. Thank You to those who offered your kind compliments on him. I actually enjoyed showing him, he is friendly and welcoming to the judge, he covers the ground beautifully on the move and very well mannered. I am sure we will enjoy many more shows together.

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