Saturday, January 31, 2009

Krash Proofing!

This boy has cost us a small fortune! We’ve “Krash Proofed” the place so Krash can live safely and comfortably, without the worry of accidental Malinois escape – over, under or around any containment lines!

Krash now has two yards … one with concrete floor, fully enclosed link mesh all round and on the roof, covered with shade cloth, situated in a shady spot under the gum trees where he can laze around and watch over the backyard.

The other is a grass yard, of which he originally thought good for open cut mining … started of with “bug catching”; a tiny little bug, a little scratch with the paw, a tiny little hole, the bug disappeared into the hole and there we began the mining! We realized something needed to be done … so weld mesh has been laid on the grass and the grass top dressed … after plenty of shoveling, wheel barrowing (up hill!), sweat and tears, it’s finally done! Along with the crooked top on the fence (just in case a Krash Malinois fell out whilst bouncing head and shoulders above the current 6ft fences).

I do hope he appreciates all this hard work we've done for him, in the middle of Summer!

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Nicki said...

the things we do for our dogs...