Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky in Australia ... or just lucky I guess!

How lucky we are … I’ve just read a post on one of the discussion lists that 75 dog breeds have been banned in certain parts of the USA … and the Belgian Malinois is one of them, along with Australian Shepherds, Pugs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and many more. My god! What next? I guess we are very lucky here that, so far, we haven’t been fronted with this ridiculous rule … whatever happened to educating human beings? I guess half of them can’t train their kids so there’s no chance they’re ever going to understand their dogs! Actually, the more I think about it, I reckon I could list 75 human beings and justify banning them from the world! So does this mean that eventually all dog owners will have to all live in one place because they can’t have their dogs anywhere else? I wonder what President Obama thinks about this … did he ever end up getting that Labrador for his kids???!

Anyway, while we are still living in the lucky country, I have to share these pic’s of Krash and his new found friend Chilli, who has finally decided that Krash aint such a bad bloke after all … took these yesterday while they enjoyed each others company.

We are so lucky to have Krash in our lives. He truly is a lovely dog, although I am still learning about his likes and dislikes, he is teaching me so much about the Malinois breed, and he is still learning much about us. He is starting to acknowledge things that I say now, he knows that “good boy” means just that and that he can expect a treat for being a good boy. He is learning to come when called, and more and more often is coming straight back. He does tend to offer a snap at other male dogs if too close, however we are able to walk with other male dogs and he will offer attention to me in order to get a treat so he’s not obsessed with the thought … all the time, we’re still learning what pushes his buttons and to predict his reactions. He is still one of the easiest and most accepting dogs to live with … maybe he’s so good because he’s grateful for the life he has.

This week he has also spent some time with Summer and Ticket … we are gradually introducing different dogs to him so eventually he will have a small pack to socialize with, even if just the girls.

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