Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take the weekend off!

Every now and then we have a weekend “off” … that means we have no trials or shows that weekend so we can get lots of work done around the block. So it’s not really a weekend off – it’s more like a WEEKEND of lot's of essential CHORES and HARD-WORK that we've not had time to do!

Anyhow, here’s the results after last “weekend off” … we got all the lawns done (mowing and whipper snippering), did some major pruning of trees (with chainsaw assistant in tow) because there’s a green waste collection next week, slashed the front part of the empty block next door, finished poisoning around the backyard and driveways, cleaned up all the palm trees we could reach with our long handled saw (need neck massage now), pulled up the huge double-g weeds up on the verge (they were nearly as big as me), replaced a couple of reticulation taps and connections up the palm garden and we still managed to squeeze in a couple of well deserved, icy cold beers on Sunday afternoon!

Phew! ... here’s the evidence ...

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