Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun!

Well Easter has been and gone and we managed to stay far away from all the Easter egg temptations! We had one box of Guylian Chocolates between the three of us so I reckon that was a pretty good effort.
These holiday breaks are always busy for us with the kennels so really, there’s no rest for the wicked! We did find time for a little Easter fun. Some photos above and below of Carrie, who sneakily trapped the Easter Bunny and snuggled up with him on the lounge, keeping him all to herself.
In the meantime, Krash has found a new toy. The big “exercise ball” has been floating around the yard for some time now … It certainly isn’t used for our exercise efforts! Whilst giving Krash his evening run one night, I tossed the exercise ball to the middle of the yard … well, it bounced about 6 feet in the air and Krash promptly met it mid-air and bounced it back to me. We had a great game, tossing it back and forth around the yard whilst he herded it around, rolling over it, racing it, trying to catch it … Krash was totally exhausted by the end of his play session!

We did take some pic’s (below) however it was getting a little dark and they didn’t turn out so good … we’ll try and get some better ones during the daytime some time in the future, however in the meantime these will give you the idea!

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