Friday, April 24, 2009

WA State Agility Trial 2009

(Above Photo - Credit to Robyn Evans @ Winpara Border Collies)

I think we had a fairly successful State Trial this year … Young Chilli made it through to two finals and Summer (somehow) made it through to one. Chilli came out with a 5th Place in Novice Agility and 8th Place in Excellent Jumping – enough to secure her as a State Finalist in both classes. Summer placed 5th place in Excellent Jumping, also a place good enough to take her through to the Finals in that class.

(Photo's below - Credit to Paul Burton)

To be honest I didn’t expect either of them to place high enough to even qualify for a final, and we certainly were NOT the force to be reckoned with in the Finals, however, we were there! Summer threw all sorts of stupid little antics at me over the weekend, at one stage she stayed glued on the start line as I sprinted off to do the course all alone! What goes thru her little head I’ll never know but she certainly lacks a huge amount of confidence and I can see it’s going to be a long haul to get her performance up to scratch under pressure (more about that later).

Chilli, was just perfect little Chilli (nope, I’m not biased, I just think she’s perfect) … although not the fastest Malinois on the planet she is turning out to be fairly consistent and steady. I don’t have great expectations of either of these girls so I guess anything is a thrill at the moment.

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