Friday, June 12, 2009

How do you say Malinois?

"MAL (or MEL) - IN - WAH"

I was waiting at ringside at the show ring last weekend and the steward kept staring at her board and quietly calling the Belgian Shepherds, anxiously looking around hoping someone would answer, and just as she muttered “marr linn eeee osss” I quietly told her "the Mal-in-wah is here". She looked so relieved and said thank you and announced “Mal-in-wah” to the judge.

There seems to be a lot of people out there who won’t even say Malinois simply because they have absolutely no idea of how to pronounce it, and fair enough too – we are in oorrrstrayleah!

The name Malinois is the French word for 'Mechlinian', which is in Dutch either 'Mechelse' or 'Mechelaar'. In Belgium, their country of origin, they are known by their Flemish name Mechelse Herder. Also known in other parts of the world as a Chien de Berger Belge.

So if you were one of those people wondering how to say "Malinois" … now you know ... along with a little history on the side.


Morgan said...

Thanks so much. I assumed the pronunciation of Mal -in- wah because they are Belgian and it's a french speaking community but honestly was scared to say it for fear of offending someone. lol Thanks so much for this!!! I own a Great Dane.....not much imagination needed in pronouncing that. lol
From a grateful yank!

Walter Moore said...

What she said. Merci.

Unknown said...

Great!!! My first litter is here and people asked me what kind of dogs they are and i could not pronounce the breed.

Unknown said...

Uhhhh baby

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