Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby X ... meet Mum & Dad!

Which one of these will be "Baby X" ???

Well they're 4 weeks old now ... only 4 weeks to go till she arrives! Then, I am sure, we will know that we are alive!!!
Amanda (Vanrusselhof) reports that all puppies are strong, fat and healthy little terrors!!!
Above photo was a breakfast time this weekend just gone, with babes just a couple of days short of 4 weeks old.

Below are also some pic’s of Mum and Dad ...

Proud (and very handsome) Dad, Gino von den kleinen Helden VPG3/IPO3V1 CAC/BOB DMC WP+Körung (Germany), “Gino”

Awesome Mum, Ellis de l’origine de faucon rouge IPO3 WP DMC AD-Prüfung (Imp GMY), “Ellis”, now residing at Vanrusselhof Kennels in Queensland.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Sam said...

High powered new dog, high powered new job, what's next? They say good things come in threes, don't they, so you must be in for something great! Have you checked your lotto ticket?