Friday, June 19, 2009

Unexpected Success ...

It seems like forever since we’ve been to an agility trial … since Ticket has been in “rehab” and Summer just finds the whole trialling thing a little overwhelming, I’ve been doing a little more showing rather that trialling … so I really enjoyed the Agility Clubs double header trials last Sunday and had an unexpectedly successful day (considering the little training I had been doing).

I trialled Carrie in Masters Jumping and Open Jumping at both morning and afternoon trials – she did her usual “Dalmatian” thing and was the Class Clown for all of her runs, totally enjoying herself to the fullest!

I entered Summer in “Not For Competition” (NFC) Novice Jumping. As she now has her JDX title which means she would have to run in Masters otherwise, which I am sure she would definitely not have coped with. So a couple of “fun runs” in novice jumping was all she did and I think it did the world of good for her. In the afternoon run she was more relaxed at the start line and seemed to be actually enjoying the run, rather than having her usual “I hope I’m doing this right” doubt on her face. So success it was, and we’ll definitely see her do a few more NFC runs yet … before we tackle any of the hard stuff!

Chilli was the one who TOTALLY surprised me … her first run of the day was her best (as usual) and it was my worst! This was Novice Agility, she was happy and keen (well, as keen as Chilli can be) and almost at the end of the course Chilli came out of the tunnel to the weavers and we collided and I managed a very clumsy “face-plant” in the turf … I realized we were still on a Q and I scurried to my feet to continue on and to my surprise Chilli successfully continued on to do her weavers and finish the course in time! That Q earned her Agility Dog Title!

After our not-so-graceful Novice Agility run we went straight into the Excellent Jumping ring and she was still happy and keen (even after our little tumble). We finished the course in time and clear, and also ended up being the only team that qualified and therefore in 1st place!

In the afternoon Chilli qualified again in Excellent Jumping … leaving just one more pass needed to gain her JDX title! Geeze, I’m not sure she will make time in the Masters ring but then again, she may have some more surprises up her sleeve yet!

Lovely portrait shot of Chilli (above) taken by Tim Abidin (

Till next time …

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