Monday, October 19, 2009

Trialling ... back into full swing!

It feels like ages since we've been in full swing with trialling ... I've missed a few trials in the last few months so it was good to get back into it with last Sunday's Agility Club Agility, Jumping and Strategic Pairs trials, followed by this Saturday at the Shepherd Club and a double header at Rockingham Dog Club on Sunday. OK, I slept in on Sunday morning so missed some morning runs ... but I do have an excuse ... two weeks of 4am starts at work I think is good enough reason.

Last weekend I ran Ticket in her Open and Masters jumping, a really nice effort on Richard’s Masters course I must say, just one bar down but some really nice work, and a great run in Open Jumping with a handler error! After her 2nd run I felt that she wasnt quite right, maybe a pulled muscle or something ... so I scratched her from the agility classes. Her visit to the bowen therapist on the following Monday confirmed my suspicions ... pinched nerves.

Qualifier for that day was Carrie, with partner Meg (Gillian’s sweet little BC), in Masters Strategic Pairs, and also taking 3rd Place!

More nice Masters Jumping runs with Ticket this weekend, although no qualifiers, still really nice runs from the little girl. Although a really hot afternoon on Saturday, Ticket just keeps on keeping on.

Here's a link to video of her last run at Rockingham, a really nice open, flowing course by Sarah Wickham:

Next weekend off ... then the first of the night trials on Friday 30th October ... roll on Summer!

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