Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Would he protect me?

He’s strong, he’s tough, he’s handsome,
he’s got muscles to die for … he’s awesome!
He’s loving, he’s gentle, he’s affectionate,
he’s faithful …
but would he protect me?

I have often wondered … if I was ever fronted with the situation where I was in danger of being hurt or assaulted, he would protect me?

I was comforted the other night when we went for a run, a passer-by appeared to be admiring Krash as he approached, and Krash returned the gesture with a rumble as he approached and a definite growl as he came close … not sure what he would have done if I hadn’t had a firm hold of the lead ... well, at least I know he has an opinion and isn’t afraid to let someone know what he thinks.

OK, he might have four legs but he’s still awesome!

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